Editorial Procedures & Manuscript Submission

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1. Papers will be submitted at the following email address: contact@rmee.org

2. Manuscript Submission and Preparation
Papers must be submitted electronically and their length should not exceed 6000 words (including references), although in some cases, involving mainly the reporting of qualitative data, longer versions may be accepted. Each submission should be made in a Microsoft Word file using the Template file. This file could be downloaded from this web page. The papers must be submitted in English.
Original manuscripts (not under review, accepted and/or published elsewhere) are welcome. Please attach to every submission a letter confirming that all authors have agreed to the submission and that the article is not currently being considered for publication by any other journal.
3. Authors will receive electronic acknowledgement of the submission of their manuscript within 1 week.
4. The Editor-in-Chief will oversee the paper and will make an Initial Editorial Decision (IED), regarding whether the manuscript is eligible to be sent out for review. The IED will be communicated to authors by the Editor-in-Chief within 3 weeks after submission. Articles that deviate significantly from the RMEE style guidelines; that do not fit with RMEE' editorial policy; or are clearly not of sufficient quality to be potentially publishable in RMEE will not be sent out for review and their authors will be accordingly notified.
5. Papers that are considered eligible for review will be send out to up to 3 (usually 2) reviewers selected by the Editor-in-Chief.
6. Papers will be reviewed by members of the Editorial Board and other expert reviewers.
7. The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for reading the paper in the light of reviewers' reports and making an Editorial Decision (ED) in the form of a written letter addressed to the authors.
The entire review process (steps #1-#7) should be completed within 10 weeks.
8. If the editorial decision is "revise and resubmit", the paper will need to be revised and resubmitted within 6 months after the decision has been announced to authors. In exceptional cases, an extension may be granted.
9. Revised papers should be emailed as Microsoft Word attachments to the same email address. Acknowledgement of receipt will be made within 1 week. Steps #5 and #6 are repeated.
10. The Editor-in-Chief will forward the revised paper to the same reviewers for a second review.
11. At the end of the second reviewing cycle, the Editor-in-Chief will need to make a final Editorial Decision i.e., "accept" or "reject". In exceptional circumstances, a third reviewing cycle may take place.

12. Copyright

Before publication authors are requested to assign copyright to AMIER, subject to retaining their right to reuse the material in other publications written or edited by themselves and due to be published preferably at least one year after initial publication in the RMEE.

13. Proofs and Offprints

Authors will receive proofs of their articles, a copy of the journal (each) and a pdf file of their article for personal use.
14. If authors want to inquire about the stage of the reviewing process their paper is in, or want to raise any other issues with regard to the review process, they should contact the Co-editor, at calin.otel@mis.utcluj.ro. They should expect to receive a fast response.
15. Review procedure

RMEE Paper Template


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